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Wheelchair Wheel Covers: A Useful Present For A Friend Who Uses A Wheelchair

If you are looking for unique wheelchair gifts, think about a wheelchair tire cover. Why are covers for the tires so useful? People who use wheelchairs ride on the pavement as well as the sidewalks during the day. Then when they come home usually they take the same wheelchairs in the residence. The dirt and […]

Potential Preventive Of Injury To The Hands Amongst Wheelchair Users

People with spinal cord injuries rely on their hands much more than non-wheelchair users do. In addition to normal activities such as typing, cleaning and cooking, people who use wheelchairs the arms and hands to transfer in and out of their wheelchair still more important they use their hands to be mobile. The hands of […]

How To Select From A Range Of Disabled Vehicles

Vehicles designed for the physically disabled can offer give those with extra needs a sense freedom that the rest of us may take for granted. Since such vehicles make for important (not to mention expensive!) investments, you need to be sure that you have found the ideal one for you before handing over your money. […]

The Use Of Driving Aids Increase The Mobility Of Those In Wheelchiars

In today’s society , there exists many individuals facing physical challenges that impact their mobility, particularly where automobiles are concerned. Discovering an automobile that matches their entire specific needs can be hard. Nonetheless, with all of the advancements made in mobility vans, there are at present many solutions to the problems people face. First , […]

Hearing Amplifiers and Voice Recognition for the Disabled

Hearing amplifiers and voice recognition for the disabled improve the quality of daily activities such as listening to the news and allow you to be more sociable.

Transfer Shower Benches For The Disabled

Being able to shower independently is already a tough task for the disabled. With transfer benches, those in wheelchairs can safely position themselves and slide into the shower or bath environment. Not only do transfer benches lend assistance to the disabled, they can help the elderly and those who recently had surgery.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Can Help The Disabled Travel Independently

With a wheelchair accessible vehicle, the disabled can travel independently. Getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle means choosing exactly where and whenever you wish to go, such as to the office, to work, shopping or to be outside, enjoying the sun and being leisurely. Individuals who use a wheelchair ultimately want to be able to access the world like their peers.

Ceiling Mounted Hoists

An impartial guide to ceiling mounted hoists. Mounting the hoist to the ceiling is usually the preferred method of installation when considering the manual handling of a patient or disabled person.

Used Electric Wheelchairs For Disabled

Purchasing an electric wheelchair is quite expensive for the handicapped or disabled people. Not everyone has insurance or Medicare that can help with some of the costs. The alternative is to find something used or discounted. Second hand or used electric wheelchairs are the appropriate choice in this case.

Wheelchair Accessible Stairs

A stair lift will provide the solution for their home by creating wheelchair accessible stairs and open the upper levels for those with limited mobility. No longer will your loved ones be held prisoners in their own house and be unable to move from one floor to another.