Transfer Shower Benches For The Disabled

Being able to shower independently is already a tough task for the disabled. With transfer benches, those in wheelchairs can safely position themselves and slide into the shower or bath environment. Not only do transfer benches lend assistance to the disabled, they can help the elderly and those who recently had surgery.

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Do you, or somebody you know, need a way to slide into their tubs or showers? Do you even know if you need a bench? If you or somebody you love is having trouble getting in and out of the bathtub, due to leg weakness, a handicap or disability, or the inability to remember how to use their legs for those afflicted by a stroke, then a shower transfer bench may be the answer.

A shower bench is a long bench made of water proof or water resistant material. Half of the transfer bench remains outside of the tub, while the other half sits in the tub. This allows the individual to sit down outside of the shower tub without having to lift his or her legs and then slide over into the shower. It also allows for the individual, during their shower or bath, to place their hygiene products within reach.

By using a bath transfer bench, people do not have to worry about falling when getting in and out of the shower tub, which gives them a peace of mind. In addition to a peace of mind, it allows for people to care for themselves longer. Finally, a shower transfer bench allows the person to feel more in control of his or her life while being cleaner because they are still able to bathe without having to turn to a sponge bath.

Installation of these shower transfer benches can be as simple as putting together the bench and placing one foot of the bench inside the bathtub or shower and leaving the other foot on the outside. For more permanent solutions, these transfer benches can be affixed onto the shower walls.

There is nothing wrong with needing to use a shower transfer bench. Using a bench does not mean that you are helpless. A person who chooses to use a transfer bench is helping to prevent themselves from falling and becoming injured. A shower transfer bench can help a person remain independent for a long period of time.

These benches are not only for the disabled or those in electric wheelchairs but can help the elderly or post surgery persons. They act as support and sitting devices for those times when one is unable to stand for long periods.

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