Accepting Your Daily Life – Welcoming The Drudgery Of Life

You can live each day being miserable or you can come to realize what you have. It is easy to complain about what you lack but when you can accept your daily life, each day will taste sweeter.

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Many people do not like their ordinary life. We get disappointed that we can not rich or famous. It can sound like an overstatement, but many people really think in such a way. Everybody would like to have an easy life, being content and have lots of possessions.

Some people are convinced that this dream can not be embodied. Most people are realists and comprehend this. Yet we long for more. We are commonly not satisfied with out ordinary living.

Is it enough to love? Is it enough just simply living? Sometimes ordinary things or even extraordinary ones do not seem to be enough sometimes.

Of course, there should be something more in life! We should always hope for something or something stimulating us. You should set realistic goals and be rational. In fact, it is obvious and we do not see it, because we do not consider this to be Exciting.

I recommend accepting your daily ordinary life as so unique, and valuing the possibility of being alive. Try to acquire such a mindset!

You live today and you have an excellent chance to create history.

Many people have to do their daily routine and because of that fact they think themselves to be miserable. You should not take drudgery as something unbearable. You can not have only pleasurable moments and always have fun. You should learn how to live in these periods of your life. It is true, there is nothing interesting in this concept. The major thing is your life and you and this is the greatest gift from God. He gives you this opportunity to look for your life purpose, something that everyone should research for its own. That purpose will lead us through entire life.

– What will be said at your funeral?

– What kind of person have you been?

– What does your family and co-workers think about you?

You can have daily life that you want. And of course, you may! You will be bored doing this 24 hours per week for the rest of your life, so you can have fun! As for me, I have not felt the misery of Mondays for the last 20 years and that equals about 60 percent of my work life. I love my job and I always have time to rest. And what can you say about yourself? Do you look forward to your life, your work and time to be spent with your friends?

Most of the time life is drudgery, so try to accept it and begin living it. You should live at the present moment. Things will  and can be changed step by step. You will start appreciating and enjoy what you have! It is great!

Many people look ordinary and live ordinary lives. But they are able to make it work because they cherish what they have and ignore what they do not. Imagine what individuals like disability support worker and home support workers see everyday when they help disabled persons. They work and help those who have less physically but yet many continue through life with acceptance and smiles. You might be in a situation where you have more physically but are unable to make the most of it? That is unacceptable! You have more than you realize!

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