Unable To Get Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people are denied for their first disability claim. If you are unable to get social security disability benefits, learn the reasons why. If this is a difficult process for you and you need some help from a qualified professional, consider a free case evaluation from social security disability benefits attorneys to avoid unnecessary delays in your claims.

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It is not uncommon to be denied social security disability benefits on the first application. It has been reported the only about 30% of applicants are approved the first time for their disability insurance benefits. There are multiple reasons why an application would be denied, but they do not necessarily mean that the claimant will not be approved at some point in the future. When an individual receives a denial letter that letter will outline the procedure for appealing, and will provide the requirements for the necessary evidence of disability.

Getting Denied For Disability Benefits

A chief reason for claim denials is an incomplete application. The Social Security Administration like any other government office requires completely accurate information be provided. If the application is missing any information, it will be denied.

If you are unable to social security disability benefits for specific disability claims, then consider a free case evaluation from social security disability benefits attorneys to avoid unnecessary delays in your claims.

An individual may be turned down because they haven’t earned enough points for social security benefits based on their years working. This is a problem for claimants like those who were stay-at-home spouses without a source of income for many years, and those who entered the workforce later in life. If the applicant hasn’t worked enough years, they would have to file for Supplemental Social Security Disability.

Denied Disability Benefits

Denied disability benefits can be due to an applicant’s income level from other sources being too high. If an individual’s income exceeds the maximum amount by as a little as a dollar, they will be denied. Another reason that an application might be denied is if the medical evidence isn’t compelling enough. Some doctors are more familiar with the requirements for a disability claim than others, and consequently a doctor who does sincerely believe an applicant is disabled and cannot work, may not provide an evaluation that details that properly. In addition, the claim may be denied because it is the opinion of the Social Security Administration that the individual’s physical, psychological, or mental condition still allows them to perform certain types of work.

There a many reasons why an individual would be denied disability benefits but many of them can be overcome. The key to being one of the applicants that has their application approved is carefully following directions, providing all documentation, and working with professionals familiar with Social Security Disability. The detailed process of filing for social security benefits leads most people to hire an attorney to guide the application process.

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