Ceiling Mounted Hoists

An impartial guide to ceiling mounted hoists. Mounting the hoist to the ceiling is usually the preferred method of installation when considering the manual handling of a patient or disabled person.

Used Electric Wheelchairs For Disabled

Purchasing an electric wheelchair is quite expensive for the handicapped or disabled people. Not everyone has insurance or Medicare that can help with some of the costs. The alternative is to find something used or discounted. Second hand or used electric wheelchairs are the appropriate choice in this case.

Wheelchair Accessible Stairs

A stair lift will provide the solution for their home by creating wheelchair accessible stairs and open the upper levels for those with limited mobility. No longer will your loved ones be held prisoners in their own house and be unable to move from one floor to another.

Guide For Social Security and Medicare

Understand the difference between social security disability insurance, SSDI and Medicare with this guide. This article provides basic information on SSDI and Medicare eligibility and advantages. In addition, this guide will show you the way to apply for and obtain the correct advantages for your situation.

Chair Lifts For Disabled

If you are disabled or recently had hip or knee surgery, getting out of a chair requires a lot of exertion. Chair lifts for the disabled lifts a person out of their seats. Read more about the configurations and abilities of a chair lift.

Disability Claims Appeals Process

If you have been recently rejected for your social security disability claims, do not worry. A rejection can always be appealed and after some preserverance, SSA might rule in your favor. A skilled social security disability lawyer may be able to aid your pursuit towards the compensation you require.

Find Specialist Doctor for Disability Claims

Social Security Disability claimants seek a doctor specializing in their illness if they want to be awarded gains from social security. This article has helpful points on how to find a specialty physician and how to help your health practitioner with your disability claim.

The Stairlift Solution For Disabled Persons

Stairlifts are used by individuals with disabilities to help them move from one place to another. There are several different varieties of these stairlifts that can help a disabled person. Each stairlift is chosen for the specific needs of the user. The cost of a stair lift can be quite expensive depending on the type chosen and the extra alterations. For this reason, researching a proper stair lift that meets your needs, is a first crucial step.

Government Grants For the Disabled

The federal government has grants and awards for the disabled. this is practically free money that can help you in your daily life. Depending on the disability equipment and your condition, you may qualify for a wide assortment of funds.

Should I Purchase Disability Insurance?

Generally referred to as disability income insurance policy, disability insurance coverage is really a type of insurance policy that insures that a individual receives lengthy phrase financial rewards within the event of an accident that leads to an inability to work or function, or if a person gets afflicted with an sickness, leaving them unable to function. Disability insurance coverage benefits might be disbursed either like a short-term disability, long-term disability, and paid sick leave.

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