Chair Lifts For Disabled

If you are disabled or recently had hip or knee surgery, getting out of a chair requires a lot of exertion. Chair lifts for the disabled lifts a person out of their seats. Read more about the configurations and abilities of a chair lift.

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Do you find yourself sitting in a chair longer than you like because you have trouble getting up? We all like to sit and relax on your comfortable chair but for many people a chair is a trap. For someone with limited mobility, recently had hip or knee surgery, has arthritis or is handicapped, getting out of a chair requires a lot of exertion and causes a great deal of pain. A handicapped chair lift solves much of their problems by lifting a person out of their seats.

The handicap chair lift works by rising up at a 45 degree angle and allows the handicapped person to position their legs on the ground without putting a strain on their backs or legs. The simple chair lifts have an up and down control switch that raises and lowers the chair as desired. The more complicated handicapped chairs lifts have the option of controlling the headrest and the footrest. There are more dials and buttons which may confuse some people.

There are also seat lifts that work in the same manner as chair lifts but they come in the form of a seat pad. This means you can place the seat lift on any chair to assist you in getting off the chair. They are capable of lifting weights ranging from 250 to 300 pounds.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles. The handicap chair lifts are indistinguishable from regular chair recliners. The only difference is the lift support system built underneath the chair. Prices can range from $500 to $800 dollars for the more complicated chair lift systems.

The inability to escape a chair is a scary feeling because chairs are deceptively comfortable. You will not know how tough it is to get off a chair until you actually sit on the chair that sinks on you. If you find yourself vocalizing that “ugh” sound every time you get off a chair, please consider a chair lift. The decision may save your life.

Read more about handicapped lift chairs at Handicapped Equipment website. Find out more about the benefits of handicapped equipment and how it can improve your quality of life. Your life can change and benefit greatly.

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