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To Children – The Insurance, To Parents – Calmness.

If you vanish all the day on work and the child is given to himself, it can happen with everyone. Especially if the child is active, likes to rush and eternally gets to different adventures. It is time to reflect on insurance purchase! There is a special kind of insurance – children’s. It operates either […]

How To Insure The Life: A Good Advice

If you have decided to come behind services to the insurance company to conclude the contract of insurance about life insurance and health pay attention to quotations as in the different insurance companies have various tariffs of insurance and the different sizes of insurance payments. And it is better to see sites of the insurance […]

Insurance Of Deep Tuning Of Your Car.

All people want to stand out from crawling through the city flows of traffic. You can express your individuality by buying a Ferrari, which has not yet lost its face, but, alas, it is very-very expensive… But a car can be unique without a lot of money. Tuning of car or airbrush will help you […]

Insurance: How It Was?

Insurance is one of the oldest categories of public relations.Born in the period of disintegration of primitive society, it gradually became an indispensable companion of social production. The original meaning of the concept under consideration is associated with the word “fear”. The owners of the property, joining together in industrial relations, fear for their safety, […]

Is It Necessary To Invest In Life Insurance?

In the conditions of crisis the majority of banks have ceased to care of preservation and increase in savings of Ukrainians. However, nature abhors a vacuum. This blank partially undertook to compensate life insurance companies. We have understood whether it is necessary to insure life in crisis. Obligatory reliability In September the market of life […]

Insurance Of Additional Equipment.

You insure your car for case of injury (risk insurance of “Damage”, you believe that they will pay you for all the parts in case of injury? You may be very much mistaken… How to avoid such situations when insuring your car? The first recommendation is banal: before you put the sum (and sometimes not […]

Low Start

The insured amount is the basic (main) index for calculating payments. Ideally it should be equivalent to the actual market value of the car. Then in case of total loss or theft, insured may purchase the vehicle of the same class and the same value. Usually, when the car is new and also bought at […]

Auto Insurance Price Policy

Many people willing to insure their vehicles complain about high prices for insurance services. One has to know what the prices depend on and what should be the real price for these services. Auto insurance presupposes that every insurance company fixes their coefficients. The basic insurance tariff depends on the brand of the car and […]

The Accident Happened …

When a person comes to the office of the insurance company everything seems to be quite clear, no questions arise, no problems to discuss, nothing to clarify. A person signs the contract, pays money and thinks that a happy life without problems starts. Auto owners are sure that everything will be solved and settled by […]

Insurance Problems

Nowadays one can hear a lot of different complaints about the work of insurance companies. Many people are not satisfied with the work and service provided by the insurers. Auto insuring is not an exception. That is why having bought a vehicle happy auto owners doubt the necessity of purchasing auto insurance policy. However, quite […]

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